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Proofreading and editing when English is not your first language

If your native language is not English, we proofread and edit your work in British or American English so that your message is conveyed in perfect English.

Original papers or letters to the editor

Has your article been rejected for publication due to language problems? Our writers can significantly increase your chances of publication by correcting your work according to the journal's individual guidelines.

Posters and abstracts

You’ve spent hours researching and preparing your work for presentation. Allow us to correct those small mistakes so that you can present a truly professional result.

Oral presentations

You've been invited to speak to an important conference but you're not exactly confident when it comes to speaking English.  We can help you to prepare your oral presentation over the phone or via Skype with a native English speaker.

Theses and essays

If you are a student and need to submit work in English, we can check and correct your work prior to submission.

Invitations and Meeting Programs

Most scientific meetings are held in English.  We can ensure that your invitations and programs reflect the quality of your meeting by having them checked by a native English speaker prior to printing.

Patient information brochures and leaflets

If you have English-speaking patients, we can check any documents you may have developed in English.  We can write information leaflets or brochures from scratch to meet your needs on a variety of topics.  We can also translate any existing patient information brochures from German or French into English.


We currently offer translating services across English, German and French.  Given that English is the dominant language of scientific communication, most of our translations are from German or French into English.  We can also translate from English into German or French.

Medical Journalism

Meeting reports, press releases, speaker interviews.

Content for Sales and Marketing Initiatives

Do you wish to build your brand?  Do you need to vamp up the content of an existing sales brochure?  Would you simply like a second opinion?  We can work with you and the data to develop an innovative strategy to communicate your key messages.  We also have access to graphic designers and website builders.

Clinical Trials

To date, we have not written up a clinical trial from the raw data but would like to expand into this area.  Contact us!


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