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  • Aileen Eiszele BA (Hons) Dip Ed., CertMktg&PR, APMA CEP, GradDipBus

    Languages: native English speaker and bilingual in English/French.  Basic understanding of Dutch and Japanese.

    Interests: oncology, women's health, drug development, marketing and market access, lobbying.

    A prolific writer at an early age, Aileen grew up in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.  She credits two passionate French teachers for her love of languages and for encouraging her to combine languages with her interest in science. She graduated from the University of Tasmania with a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in French with minors in biology and zoology.  She was awarded the university prize for excellence in French which encouraged her to complete Honors in French linguistics followed by a senior secondary teaching qualification.  Aileen started teaching French but soon after obtained a French government teaching scholarship which took her to Grenoble.   

    With her feet back on Australian soil, Aileen changed career paths and joined the pharmaceutical industry.  In 1998, she made the strategic move to Sydney to join Rhône Poulenc Rorer (now Sanofi), a French pharmaceutical company, which lead to further qualifications in pharmaceuticals, marketing, public relations and business. After working initially as a Medical Sales Representative across the company’s oncology and haematology products, Aileen was promoted to Marketing Communications Manager in oncology. 

    In 2003, all the years she had spent studying French paid off when she was offered the opportunity to take up a position with Sanofi in Belgium.  In her role as Product Manager Oncology, she worked on marketing projects and liaised with numerous international and European thought leaders on clinical trial development and scientific affairs. Her key achievement, the TC (Taxotere®/ cyclophosphamide) reimbursement submission, set a precedent for drug reimbursement in Belgium.

    While in Belgium, Aileen also worked as the Herceptin® (trastuzumab) Product Manager at Roche where she launched the drug in the early breast cancer setting and was involved in standardising HER2 testing procedures across the country. 

    Aileen is published in The West Australian newspaper, has edited and translated educational crossword books for non-English speaking children, and was a contributing author on a book about culture diversity in Belgium.  An amended version of her Honors thesis can be found at the Centre Pompidou in Paris.  

    Aileen currently lives in Perth, Western Australia, but maintains strong ties with Belgium and Europe.  She is married to a French-speaking hospital pharmacist and their two children are being raised bilingually.  She is also a keen photographer.

  • Lydia Unger-Hunt M.D.

    Languages: native German speaker and bilingual in German/English.  Excellent Dutch; fluent stammering in French.

    Interests: oncology, women's health, internal medicine, dermatology.

    Owing to her father's work with a Dutch multinational, Lydia grew up in Vienna (Austria), Krugersdorp (South Africa), Singapore and Eindhoven (Netherlands).  She attended German and English speaking schools, which provided her with a deep love and knowledge of both languages (but frustrated her mother when she refused to answer in German!).  While living in Eindhoven, Lydia attended the European School in Mol, Belgium, where she completed the European Baccalaureat (A-levels).  Here she also acquired Dutch, considered the lingua franca amongst fellow students from all across Europe.

    After A-levels, Lydia moved to Vienna to attend the Vienna Medical School.  She realised, however, that working as a doctor and spending her days in hospitals was not something that would really maintain her interest long term.  During her internship program, she discovered that she had a real talent and passion for explaining diseases to patients and subsequently decided to turn writing about medicine into a career.

    Whilst still finishing her degree with a thesis on women's health issues, Lydia successfully applied for a position as a freelance writer with the "Osterreichische Arztezeitung," the Austrian Journal of Medicine (the official journal of the Austrian Medical Association).  Soon after, she was promoted to freelance editor, enabling her to learn the trade from scratch: the art of formulating a snappy headline, creating eye-catching lay-outs, obtaining newsworthy statements from top medical experts and meticulously proofreading ready-to-print journals.

    Several years later, Lydia made the decision to go freelance and started working for journals, pharmaceutical companies and health-focused public relations companies, mainly in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. When Cupid struck, not being tied down to any particular employer proved handy and she moved to Brussels to join her future husband. The move also enabled her to met Aileen. They instantly clicked and the rest is history....

    Lydia considers herself a true “Auslandsösterreicherin” – a ‘foreign Austrian’ – and is raising quadrilingual children together with her Yorkshire husband. She loves reading when time permits and enjoys cooking boar stew and mussels for friends and family. The passion she feels towards ongoing medical education for all is today as strong as it was on her first day at Vienna’s Kaiserin-Elisabeth Hospital.