• We understand what we write


'Every great business is built on friendship.'  JC Penney

JC Penney might not have anything to do with medicine or writing but his quote is fundamental to how we became established and to how we view our customers.

A&L Medical Communications is operated by Lydia Unger-Hunt M.D. and Aileen Eiszele. We're best friends and we're multilingual. We have the qualifications and experience you would expect so that your work gets published in the leading medical journals and other cool places.

We offer medical writing, proofreading, medical journalism and translation services, particularly for authors whose first language is not English. While we are happy to write on a variety of subjects, we specialise in five therapeutic areas:


Why have we specialised? It's what gives us the edge - just ask our customers! They'll tell you that they've used medical writers in the past but that what make us better is that we understand the message you want to convey. That's how we came up with our tagline!

We understand what we write.

We might be a small business (and we like it that way!) but we are big on personalised service and meeting deadlines. We will go that extra mile because we love seeing you achieve your professional goals. Above all, we are honest - if we cannot meet your expectations, we will tell you upfront.

But enough about us - let's talk about you.

Whether you are a doctor, medical student, researcher, clinician, pharmacist, meeting organiser, publisher or in pharmaceuticals, if your native language is not English and you are writing or publishing in the language of Robin Cook or Patricia Cornwall, we can ensure that you present a truly professional result.

If your native language is German or French and you need medical writing or translation services, we can do that too!

If you are attending a conference and need your poster or slides checked or some English pronunciation practice, we're just a Skype or phone call away.

So how exactly did the girl from Austria meet the girl from Australia? There's a good story behind every business and in this sense we perhaps are no different. To know our story and to tell us yours, please contact us.


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